Insured Contractor

Why hire an insured contractor?  Insured Contractor

A good contractor has to have the skill, the tools and the dedication. However, the measure of excellence does not end here. A good, prudent, and forward-looking contractor is also insured. He insures his equipment, his people AND his work. This means that you, the consumer, are protected too because should anything go wrong, there will always be a course of action to fall back on.

Why Hire Us?

All things being equal in terms of skills and experience, it all boils down to the contractor that is bonded and insured. A bond protects the consumer if the contractor fails to complete a job, fails to comply with local requirements (such as permits) or fails to meet financial obligations (like paying suppliers and subcontractors). To be bonded, companies, like ours, pay a premium to a surety company. This surety company is someone YOU, the client, can directly approach.
Insurance, on the other hand, are of two types: liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Liability insurance covers situations when contractor companies cause damage to property. Worker’s compensation insures injured workers and covers lost wages, medical treatments (regardless who is at fault), and in the event of death, family benefits.

Both of these make sure that the client is protected from liability should anything untoward happen.
While we have been diligent to not need any of these in our past jobs, it is still a wise move to have these assurances so that you are always protected no matter what. As the construction job gets more complex, so does the risk. A bonded and insured contractor is someone you will want to be working with.

So hire the best. Hire the one that can ensure quality and safety. Call us now!