Home Repair and Maintenance Services

Home Repair and Maintenance ServicesHome Repair and Maintenance Services

Who doesn’t need home repair and maintenance services? When things go awry with the plumbing or if you suspect that the thump thump thump that goes bump in the night is actually your HVAC conking out, then your best bet is our home repair and maintenance services!

Why most of our clients think we’re the best

While most handymen in Alexandria are self-trained, all of our staff undergo formal training in various aspects of maintenance, construction, and home repair. Our team members specialize in either plumbing, tiling, painting, carpentry, siding repair, or electrical wiring. This ensures that whatever the job is (whether its as simple as hanging that precious picture painting OR installing that vintage ceiling fan), we can do it with aplomb. Majority of states do not have national standards (or a certifying board) to regulate our business, but we take it upon ourselves to set the bar by making sure that each of our team members are well-informed, trained, and insured.
Who else can make this claim?
What we do
We repair the following appliances:
• Refrigerators
• Washers
• Dryers
• Dishwashers
• Gas and electric ranges
• Gas and electric ovens
• Freezers
• Water Heaters
• Cooktops
• Range Hoods
• Garage Doors
• Garbage disposal systems
• Humidifers and Dehumidifers
• Microwave ovens
• Lawn and Garden appliances (chippers and shredders, power yard tools, pressure washers, riding mowers, snow blowers, tillers)
Things may not be broken but may need fixing. In cases like these, we’ve come prepared! We offer improvement and maintenance on the following:
• Heating and cooling system improvements
• Window replacements
• Kitchen improvements (re-tiling and flooring repair, as well as renovation)
• Roofing repair and maintenance

Maintenance services will save you in the long run as this ensures less repairs down the line. Get the job done by calling us now! Allow us to take the worry off your hands!