Handyman License

Handyman License  Handyman License

Handyman license is a top priority for our company. We want to make sure that our handymen is a top performer. Most handymen are self-trained. BUT our company goes the extra mile by requiring all our team members to have a handy man license. Majority of states do not have certifying boards to regulate the handyman business. Nevertheless, we always strive to up the ante by taking it upon ourselves to ensure that our team members are trained, well informed, insured AND licensed in vocational courses, where applicable.

What does having a handy man license mean?

While we make no unreasonable promises, our company guarantees that repairs and restoration services are accomplished in the quickest and most practical way possible. Like you, we hate having to redo jobs so we make sure we do it right the first time. To make sure that this is a standard, we require that all our team members are formally trained in basic carpentry, plumbing, tiling, siding repair and electrical plumbing. We insist that they know all these tasks because we want you to save on expenses. Rather than hire a handy man for each of the repair jobs that need to be done in your home, with us, you will one need one handyman (or two). The repair is done in less time and at a reasonable cost.

Jack-of-All-Trades. Master of one or two

What if the job repair requires an expert? We got that covered too. While we require to our handymen to be multitaskers, we also require them to specialize in one or two skills. Having a maximum of two specialized skills makes our handymen qualified for even the most difficult of repairs.

So call us now. You are ensured of safe, sure, and excellent no-repeat services!